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Episode 8

In this episode Worldly Women meets Yuka Harada-Parr who moved to the UK from Japan from one day to the other. She is an illustrator, teacher and interpreter and has shared with us her journey of integration as well as the difficult balance between her culture of origin and of choice.

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Episode 7

In this episode Worldly Women travels. We meet Vimala Moti Vidyadhar who tells us about her recent move to Milan (Italy), the obstacles created by the language barrier, the differences in lifestyle between Europe and Asia and navigating life in a fashion capital.

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Episode 6

In this episode Mackenzie Horn tells us about her emotional journey to obtaining German citizenship in order to stay in the UK despite her Jewish family leaving Germany during the Holocaust to be able to survive.

The campaign she mentions in the interview is:

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Episode 5

In this special episode we have bent the rules of the podcast and invited a male guest to share his story.

We chat to Anna Oborotova, a Russian artists and art teacher, who shares her story of hope and determination. Anna dreams of founding her own art school in London.

With Giulio Romano Malaisi we talk about home and how art is a unique tool to express one’s feelings of belonging as well as to create a bridge between cultures.

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Episode 4

In this episode we meet Katya Marletta, a Sicilian (or North African as she likes to say) journalist who moved to London a few years ago. She discusses with us settling into her new home and if London actually became home.

With poet Ankita Saxena we talk about creating your own cultural identity. She tells us about her journey from India to the UK when she was only 7 years old and how her love of poetry came from the women in her life. 

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Episode 3

In this episode we meet with Angela Peters, an actress, mentor, blogger and entrepreneur from Australia. She shares her experience as an actress in London and the new challenges of being a mother of a half British half Australia boy.

We also talk to Andrea Rocha a Mexican-Canadian session cellist that writes and plays for big names in the music industry. She tells us about her journey to the UK and tries to answer the question “Where is home?”

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Episode 2

In this Episode Professional Life Coach Bruna De Palo tells us how she found herself in London after a career change, her impressions on Brexit as a European and where home truly is for her. British East Asian actress Julie Cheung-Inhin tells us about growing up in the UK with foreign parents and why diverse representation in the arts is ever so important.

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Episode 1

In this episode chocolate entrepreneur Tatiana Nudnova tells us about her 10 year process of settling in London and becoming a British Citizen while Argentinian actress Cinthia Lilen talks about the ups and downs of coming to London to train as an actor. 

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