WORLDY WOMEN is a podcast co-hosted by Cecilia Gragnani & Ana Torre about immigrant women and their stories. We interview women from all walks of life and we talk about how immigration has affected their lives.

We decided to start this podcast because we’re both immigrants and the immigrant experience can sometimes be a lonely one. We want our listeners to realise that they’re not alone, that others out there question their identity, their place in the world and struggle to reconcile two and sometimes three cultures. And we believe that by putting these stories out there perhaps we can encourage non-immigrants everywhere to look at us from a different perspective.


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Episode 3

In this episode we meet with Angela Peters, an actress, mentor, blogger and entrepreneur from Australia. She shares her experience as an actress in London and the new challenges of being a mother of a half British half Australia boy. We also talk to Andrea Rocha a Mexican-Canadian session cellist that writes and plays for big names in the music industry. She tells us about her journey to the UK and tries to answer the question “Where is home?”

Episode 3 - Soundcloud
Episode 2

In this Episode Professional Life Coach Bruna De Palo tells us how she found herself in London after a career change, her impressions on Brexit as a European and where home truly is for her. British East Asian actress Julie Cheung-Inhin tells us about growing up in the UK with foreign parents and why diverse representation in the arts is ever so important.

Episode 2 - Soundcloud
Episode 1

In this episode chocolate entrepreneur Tatiana Nudnova tells us about her 10 year process of settling in London and becoming a British Citizen while Argentinian actress Cinthia Lilen talks about the ups and downs of coming to London to train as an actor.

Episode 1 - Soundcloud

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